ESD Mat Products and Production Supplies
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ESD Mat Products are designed to protect electronic devices and components by draining static electrical charge away from electronic technicians or assembly workers. We all generate static charge that can be passed on to an electronic component or a device upon touch. That causes a burst of static charge to the component, damaging it permanently. Our ESD mat kits are custom designed to meet the assembly and production requirements of electronic manufacturers and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers. They include grounding hardware along with the ESD mats. We can custom design any of our ESD mats to meet your specific requirements.

ESD Table Top Mat Kits:

ESD Mat Kits are made in the USA. They are RoHS and REACH compliant. These ESD Mat Kits are made from a single layer homogenous polymer mix. ESD mats are designed to provide a static safe work surface for static sensitive products. They are high quality, durable, easy to cut, and are reversible. Kits include an ESD mat, a common ground cord, and an adjustable fabric wrist strap.

Part Number 1059 series Surface Resistivity 108 – 1010 ohms
Color Blue, Gray Tensile Strength 900 lbs./in.² minimum
Material Type ESD Safe Polymer Mix Tear 160 lbs./in. minimum
Thickness 0.094′′±0.010′′ (3/32″) UNSPSC Code 46182105

ESD Floor Mats:

ESD Floor mats are RoHS and REACH compliant. They are made in the USA. Our ESD Floor Mats include ESD Anti Fatigue Mats, ESD Chair Mats, ESD Floor Runners, and ESD Conductive Mats. They are designed to meet the specific requirements of Electronic Contract Manufacturers (ECM) and any other electronic assembly providers. ESD Anti Fatigue Mats are designed to reduce worker’s fatigue when used in a static sensitive environment.

Part Number AF Series Surface Resistivity 108 – 109 ohms
Color Gray Tensile Strength 70 lbs./in.² minimum
Material Type PVC Tear 15 lbs./in. minimum
Thickness 0.375′′±0.010′′ (3/8″) UNSPSC Code 46182104

ESD Grounding Products:

Include ESD Wrist Straps, ESD Heel Grounders and ESD Grounding Hardware.

ESD Wrist Strap

ESD Heel Grounder

ESD Ground Block

ESD Ground Cord

Snap Tool