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  • ESD Grounding Accessories

Bertech ESD Mats require proper grounding in order to provide efficient dissipation of the static charge that is present. Some of our ESD accessories are as follows:

Metal Bench Mount Ground Blocks (ESDGB) serve as a ground point required for an electronic technician working on static sensitive devices. The metal enclosed box mounts under the front edge of a workstation. It includes a 15 foot long ground cable with a #10 ring terminal connector and two banana jack receptacles for secure ground connections.

Common Point Ground Cords (CGC151M) include a 15 foot cord with a banana jack and a 1 meg resistor. They attach to snap sockets on an ESD Mat at one end and a ground point at the other end. Common Point Ground Cords are included in Bertech's ESD Table Mat Kits.

Low Profile Ground Cords (FGC151M) have a low profile design for ESD floor mats and are 15 feet long. These low profile ground cords attach to snap sockets on an ESD floor Mat at one end and a ground point on the other end. They are included in Bertech's ESD Floor Mat Kits.

The Snap Tool and Snap Sockets provide a grounding point into table top and floor mats.

Applications: Aerospace Assembly, Contract Manufacturing, Electronic Assembly, Electronic Field Technicians, Fiber Optics, Semi-conductor Facilities, and Solar Panel Manufacturing.

  • Part Number
ESD Grounding Accessories
  • CGC151M
  • FGC151M