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  • Conductive Floor Mat Kits
Made in USA, RoHS Compliant

Conductive Floor Mat Kits are made in the USA from a homogeneous polymer matrix of high grade PVC with ESD properties. The surface resistivity is 106 ohms. The kit includes a high quality US made conductive floor mat, a heel grounder, and a low profile grounding cord. They are non-carbon loaded and non-sloughing. Bertech Conductive Floor Mat Kits are resistant to degradation by inorganic acid, organic acids, detergent solutions, aliphatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils, and aldehydes. Suggested service temperature is -20°F to 200°F.

Custom sizes are available upon request.

Applications: Aerospace Assembly Floor, Contract Manufacturing, Electronic Assembly, Fiber Optics, Semiconductor Facilities, and Telecommunications

Part Number CFM series
Color Black
Brand Name Bertech
Material Type Homogeneous Polymer Matrix
Thickness 0.080′′±0.010′′ (1/12")
Standards ANSI/EOS/ESD S7.1, ASTM D412, D624, D2240
Surface Resistivity 106 ohms
Tensile Strength 450 lbs./in.²
Elongation 150% minimum
Tear 75 lbs./in.
Durometer 80±10, Shore A
UNSPSC Code 46182104

  • Part Number
4 Ft. Wide Conductive Floor Mat Kits
  • CFM-4x4BLKT
  • CFM-4x5BLKT
  • CFM-4x6BLKT
  • CFM-4x8BLKT